Supplements good for hair

There are students who are taking supplements components for thick , to make the hair firm , but supplements will do useful hair . To proceed with thick hair that is rooted firmly in the hair root , it becomes hard to become the thinning hair . Human use of hair tonic is good to grow hair are many , but I can also help supplement the growth of hair by use . Like how do you thing and supplements that are good and the trouble of hair hair growth and hair loss . There are several good supplement to the trouble of hair . Persons gray hair and hair loss is a concern , iron supplements vitamin A, B group , and zinc is recommended . Has the effect of suppressing the hair loss vitamin A, the B group . Nutrients there is a hair growth effect is iron and zinc . Zinc , iron , folic acid , I work as hair grows from the hair root it comes out . Vitamin E is pondering the blood of the skin so that nutrients reach the hair root . It is said that one of the causes to be thinning hair , that there is accumulation of stress . It is said also to relieve the stress in the supplement , to be effective . Sometimes stress reaches lightly , hair problems that also went well . It is a nutrient has the effect of vitamin B1, vitamin C, calcium , magnesium, and , to relieve stress . It is possible to spend a bright feeling ingest supplements nutrition , stress if it is reduced, and gives a good effect on the hair . I will say that there is also very relevant eye and hair . By taking vitamin A, which is good for the eyes , it's as much as hair loss measures . Let's take it to hair loss measures aggressively because there are various supplements that have been described as good for hair .